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Because it offers several advantages compared to alternative prenatal tests

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Concrete advantages
  1. safer: no risk of miscarriage, unlike invasive tests, e.g. amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling;
  2. more reliable: compared to other non-invasive tests, such as Bi-test;
  3. quick: results in 5-7 working days;
  4. early: can be performed starting from the 10th week of pregnancy.

…and with clearer results (aneuploidy "detected" or "not detected") compared to non-invasive 1st and 2nd quarter screening tests, which provide risk rates (high / low risk).


Because it uses a more innovative technology compared to other fetal DNA tests

Technological innovation

Thanks to the partnership between Sorgente Genetica and Illumina Inc., the AURORA test use the best technology currently available. The tests are conducted in California, USA, at the laboratories of Illumina Inc., a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, world leader in the production of DNA sequencing machinery.

Advantages of the AURORA tests


Higher sensitivity

(>99.9%) and reduction of false negatives (< 0.1%)


Higher reliability

(>99.7 %) and reduction of false positives (<0.3%)


The best performance

Repetition rate < 1 in 1,000 patients


CLEAR results

Aneuploidy “detected” or “undetected” instead of risk rates

AURORA has the lower risk of null tests compared to other fetal DNA tests

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Tests are not always successful from the first sampling, making it necessary to repeat the procedure. This extends by precious days the wait to know the test results. The AURORA test has the lowest repetition rate (0.1%).

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Excellence of the service


Home blood sampling (on request)


Free inasive analisys in case of  detected anomaly


Pre and post test support with reports drawn up by a medical geneticist


Free psycological counseling in case of detected anomaly

The AURORA test also includes:

  • pre-test and post-test genetic counselling: in order to explain to patients the purpose of the test, the achievable results and those that emerged upon completion of the test;
  • service for the shipment of biological samples to the lab within 24 hours, by express courier;
  • amniocentesis included in the service if the test is positive;
  • customer support at all stages of the process with qualified geneticists and biotechnologists.

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