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About us

It all started in 2009, when the founders of the company, including the current director, Roberto, decided to give the Italian families the opportunity to rely on the best cord blood stem cell banking service available in Europe.

This service, which has been enriched with a high level of customer focus, has been defined and improved over the years until becoming, according to the opinions of the families who have chosen us, a case of excellence in the field of stem cells and, more generally, of health services.

In fact, thanks to the quality of its bio-bank and to the high service standards offered, Sorgente is now considered a leader in Italy in the field of cord blood stem cell preservation. The secret is simple: taking care of our customers the same way we would like to be taken care of. From the very start, we understood the importance of this attitude: in July 2009, in fact, Salvatore, one of the company members, became a father and, having preserved with Sorgente the cord blood stem cells of the little Ettore, also one of our first customers!

Over the years, the achievement of these remarkable results has allowed Sorgente to develop into a real Group capable of offering the Italian families other services in the genetic biotechnology sector, aimed at protecting the person’s current and future health. Today, Sorgente Group is also present in health genetic testing, particularly with AURORA in non-invasive prenatal genetic tests.

We have considerable experience in the health sector, and can with full rights consider ourselves true experts in services related to stem cells and genetic analysis.
All Sorgente services are characterized by:
  • the best technology. We seek best available technology worldwide to put it at the service of our customers;
  • excellence of service. We follow the golden rule of "treating our customers the way we would like to be treated"
The daily appreciations we receive from our customers encourage us to continue on this path to offer services inspired by the highest quality standards.


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